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“With so many things linking to your website or directing consumers to your website, today your website is your most important marketing asset.”

Increase Your Leads & Sales by 2 to 50 TIMES By Turning Your Website Into A Marketing Driven Website!


Website Influence

Why A Marketing Driven Website …
When it comes to marketing, today it’s a completely different ball game compared to 15 years ago, yet many businesses are still operating and marketing as if it was 15 years ago!For the past 15 years we’ve all been training consumers that if they want more information about a business or about products offered by a business to just go to the businesses website. It’s HERE where the majority of consumers make their decision on whether to do business with that business or not.Clearly and unquestionably, your website today is your most important marketing asset. Yet, the high majority of businesses still maintain an information based website or a “here we are” simple website which are not getting the job done for today’s consumer!

Here are a few more reasons why you need to turn your website into a marketing driven website…

  • Information educates consumers. What it doesn’t do is motivate consumers to an action. Most websites today are informational based websites.
    The good news to this is, at least you’re likely not competing with other businesses that have a marketing driven website yet because if you were it would be the business with the marketing driven website that would pull in the high majority of leads.
  • When a consumer is looking for a business like yours, it’s your website they are looking for. Do you want to educate them or motivate them to want to do business with you?
  • Marketing driven websites motivate consumers to want to talk to you!
  • It turns skeptical consumers into excited consumers. It builds trust with your company.
  • 83% of consumers are compelled by your website! That’s huge.
  • A marketing driven website will increase the results of all of your marketing efforts, especially those that have a link to your website or the URL of your website on the marketing piece.

It all boils down to, “Do you want to educate website visitors or do you want to motivate them to do business with you?”

A marketing driven website can pull in 2 to 50 TIMES more leads. It also helps turn more leads into customers!

Picture a display ad that normally pulls in 5 leads a month now pulling in 10 to 250 leads, or a Google Places listing pulling in 10 leads a month now pulling in 20 to 500 leads, or a billboard pulling in 3 leads a month now pulling in 6 to 150 leads.

On top of that, a marketing driven website helps you close more sales. What would a 5%, 10%, even a 25% increase in your closing ratio do for your sales and revenue?

If you’re now closing 50 out of 100 leads, a 5% increase would generate 5 more sales; a 10% increase would generate 10 more sales and a 25% increase would generate 25 more sales. And this is on top of the increased leads you got … More leads, more sales!

A marketing driven website massively increases your ROI with your advertising and the marketing you do both online and offline. If you want to create maximum results with your marketing, the first things you must do is put in place a marketing driven website!

That’s Why The time to get a marketing driven website is NOW!

And who’s a better marketing firm to get it from than the marketing firm that has been pioneering the marketing driven website … Us!


The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Kick Up Your Leads And Sales Is Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Driven Website!

That’s Why You Need To Get Your Hands On Our “Marketing Driven Website Information Packet

To creating a marketing driven website there are 9 key marketing elements that need to be put in place. Three of them are critical elements, but less than 2% of websites even have the 3 critical elements in place!

On top of that, there’s an order in which they need to be put in place to generate maximum results faster! Depending on the current traffic to your website it’s not uncommon to see sales offset the price of putting in place a marketing driven website in the first 30 to 60 days!

To learn about “Marketing Driven Websites” and how you can turn your website into a money-making marketing driven website, get your free, no obligation information packet. It’s filled with facts, strategies and how you can massively increase the effectiveness of your website.

Remember, your website is the center to all of your marketing. Drop the ball here and you’ll never get the kind of leads you could and should be getting.

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